SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
Learning Corners  Assembly

First School Assembly 新学期IB师生首次集会

Wednesday saw the IB department hold its first whole department Assembly. The day also happened to be Teacher’s Appreciation Day and to show their appreciation, Year 11 students planned a speech and musical items.The speech was  read by Helen, and this was followed by a beautiful recital from Zachary on the flute and finally Marmalade singing“My Love” accompanied by Tomo on the guitar.

这个周三(97日)IB高中部师生首次集会。当天趁着教师节前夕,学生们也借此机会向老师们表达感谢之情。首先,由11年级的沈夏琳Helen同学上台发表了一个演讲,接着,由陈龙飞Zachary同学用长笛吹奏了一曲《感恩的心》,最后,黄舒雅Marmalade演唱了一首英文歌曲《My Love》,由阿部智良Tomo同学吉他伴奏。

The assembly then continued with a welcome talk by thePrincipal, encouraging all students to do their best, re-iterating that truly their dreams do start here and that every single student can leave the school with outstanding IB examination results if they work hard. To further inspire the students, Principal Joelshowed two videos of his former students who went on to achieve 41 and 42 points out of the maximum 45. The students shared how they managed their study and achieved the various IB attributes and approaches to learning. The assembly ended with reaffirming general rules, procedures and the achievement awards being planned which students can aspire towards.


The assembly gathered all the students and teachers from the IB department and it was good to start the new school year all together.