SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
Learning Corners  Assembly

First IB school assembly in new semester


Last Wednesday saw the first IB department school assembly of this semester and it was a great show of student participation and leadership. All three home classes presented their take on three different learner profiles. Year 11 started off the assembly by playing a homemade silent movie displaying the importance of reflection in studies and in general life. The year 10s then followed suit by showcasing their unique interpretation of what it means to be a principled and caring student and member of society.

寒尽春生,学期伊始。IB高中部全体师生于上周三(222日)首次集会。本次集会充分展示了同学们的积极参与和领导力。三个班级的同学代表们依次就一种IB(国际文凭)学习者的特质,进行了各自的阐释与表演。集会一开始,先由11 年级的学长们上台,他们以一部自制默片拉开了序幕,形象地阐释了“及时反思”在日常学习和生活中的重要性,紧随其上的是10年级同学们对于“坚持原则”和“懂得关爱”的独到阐释。

Principle MrJoelSeow also took to the stage to advise and encourage the students. Prizes were handed out to well-deserving students in both Year 10 and 11. The first series of awards were for outstanding pieces of artwork exhibited during the school's 5th Anniversary celebrations, and the second, for commendable progress and/or contribution and leadership in CAS. Among the recipients, Jane, a Year 11 student, did remarkably well by winning a prize in both categories. Well done, Jane and to all our students who were acknowledged for their hard work, may this long continue as the year progresses.