SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
Learning Corners  Assembly

IB Learners Reflect!

As an IB learner, being reflective is essential. One of IB’s 10 learner profile states that students are to “consider the world and their own ideas and experience andwork to understand ourstrengths and weaknesses in order to support their learning and personal development.” In other words, IB students should always take time to think back on some of their triumphs and defeats, the ups and the downs, to better their own learning and personal development.


On June 26th, SIFPLS IB Year 10 and 11 students gathered together during their monthly Assembly to share some of the highlights of the year and some real personal experiences and challenges. Charity bazaars, CAS service trips to Yunnan and Thailand, World Book Day, An Afternoon of Dance, Students’ Talent Show, Intercultural day, were some of the highlights of the year for the department. Adventure club students also shared about how the activities helped shape them physically and mentally. Students shared honestly and passionately, using aids of memorable photos and videos, triggering laughter throughout the whole room. Indeed, IB teachers have witnessed much personal growth among the students.


Kudos to the students and teachers for all their hard work this year!

The Performing Arts Club treated everyone with two refreshinglyoriginalvideos, fruit of their end-semester foray into making video clips. These were conceived, scripted, shot and editedon their own, just after one session of “How to shoot a video clip” workshop. Brilliant work, P.A. club!


IB Principal MrJoel Seow concluded the event with his reflections on the students’ classroom performances as well as their personal development. He congratulated them on their results and promised an Award’s Day during the first week returning back to school. This is definitly something all the students will be looking forward to!


Once again, congratulations to all the students for all their hard work and persistence to deliver excellence. What a great example to set for our new incoming Year 10 students. Yr 11s, here’s looking at you to take the lead in most of our IB activities next year! And let us also wish the Year 12s the best of luck as they enter into their final year of IB, becoming our school’s very first IB examination participants.
Viva la IB!