SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
Learning Corners  Assembly


A New Journey Starts — The First Week of IB Department



As the new semester begins, all IB faculty and students are ready to embrace the new semester.


All IB teachers attended a seven-day professionaldevelopment training from 08/21/2017 to 08/29/2017. Teachers learned to use enterprise mail and Moodle efficiently to follow up with students’ assignments, to conduct effective teaching plans, to set up test schedules in the beginning of this semester, to balance TOK and other curriculums, and to continue the implement and development of CAS. Our teachers in similarsubjects shared their teaching schedules and planned competitions as well. In particular, many teachers new to our teaching staff participated in the discussions actively and shared their valuable teaching experience, which will definitely benefit our whole group. We firmly believe that, through this meaningful training, all IB teachers will have a clearer understanding of their missions in this new semester and therefore, we teachers are able to be well-prepared for the following months.


In the beginning of this semester, all IB teachers and students attended the first assembly on 09/06/2017. This assembly mainly focused on celebrating Teacher’s Day and awarding the outstanding performance of some groups and individuals in last academic year. In the past year, IB achieved a lot of goals because of teachers and students’ perseverance and diligence. Also, students expressed their appreciation for their teachers in several ways, including making heartwarming videos, and writing letters to the teachers. The students’ efforts and sincerity touchedall theteachers. Moreover, what made teachers more delighted was to witness the progress and achievement of different students in their learning paths. Our principal Mr. Seow presented some individuals and groups of students with certificates and awards (scholarships), and he also encouraged all students to learn from others’strengthsand try their best to accomplish their goals in the future.


To sum up, everything is looking bright this semester. We wish all IB teachers a wonderful Teacher’s Day,and we expect IB students to “stay hungry, stay foolish.”