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First Adventure Club Activity


The members of the IB adventure club organized an extracurricular activity on the 19th of March, 2017.

2017年3月19日,IB 探险社团的成员们组织了第一次校外活动。


On the morning of the hike, the students gathered at Mu Du subway platform. As per their plan, they are required to hike from Lin Yan mountain to Bai Ma Jian. The total distance that they estimated they were going to cover was 7 kilometers.



Even though the length of the journey was long, and there was persistent rain and strong winds, these adverse conditions did not halt the students in their tracks. They picked themselves up from minor falls and kept going, never stopping until they completed their whole adventure activity within the stipulated timing.



Through this extracurricular activity, students understood the importance of unity and teamwork. It is exactly as they described in their reflection “it would be very difficult to complete this adventure under such bad weather conditions if they did not help each other in the process.”


Ready to set off 整装待发
Journey’s beginning 徒步开始

Overcoming muddy obstacles 穿越泥泞
Teamwork in adversity 同心协力

Persevering to the end 坚持到底
Non-stop hiking 一鼓作气

The taste of victory 胜利曙光
Home sweet home 踏上归途