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IBDP First Basketball Match

IB 预科VS BC 预科篮球赛

1216日下午350分,由IBDP CAS Basketball Club的同学组织的第一场篮球比赛在校体育馆内热闹的开始了,这场比赛从制定时间,选择场地,邀请对手及裁判到各种具体细节,都是由五名basketball CAS 学生一手主持操办的,因此这场比赛对他们来讲有着非同寻常的意义,在这个过程中他们开始学会沟通,合作,调查,反思,自我管理等,这些恰恰是 CAS学科主要培养学生的学习技能。

On Wednesday 16th December, the first basketball match organized by IBDP CAS Basketball Club’s students was held as scheduled. All the logistics of this match were decided by those five students, such as the time setting, location arrangement, referee invitation, etc. The first match has a great significant for the Basketball Club students. They are starting to develop and demonstrate communication, cooperation, research, reflection and self-management, which are the main CAS learning outcomes.


The match is divided into four parts, eight minutes for each part. After the fierce competition, we finally won, but the more important thing is what they’ve learned in the process. The students met after the match to discuss what they’ve learned and what they need to improve. Because  they pained, they gained, we are sure they will become better.