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IB badminton  match IB 师生羽毛球赛

On the afternoon of 26th of May, there was a badminton match held by the pre-IBDP CAS Badminton Club. This is a friendly match between students and teachers.



The students began to prepare for the match intensely several days before the event, and put a lot of effort into their practice.



On the day of the match, it was decided that we would adopt a single elimination format in which boys and girls were divided into different groups. During the match, the teachers and us tried our best. Although the competition was cruel, all of us still followed the principle of ‘friendship first, competition second’. At last, a champion emerged from each group and everyone was satisfied with the results.



Through this match, we learned a lot about our skills and the right competitive spirit. In future, we are determined to practise harder and continue aiming for the champion title in our games.