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Bazaar Success by IB Charity Club



From February 27th to March 9th, the fourth food sale was successful, gaining praises from the whole school. The success can be credited to the careful planning and determination of our IB Charity Club Bazaar members.



In the days leading up to the food sale, our Bazaar team had recurring weekly discussions during our CAS (Creativity-Activity-Service) sessions. We made progressive and necessary adjustments to our plans for the event. For example, we lowered the prices of all our products as we feel it may benefit student and teacher customers. Other preparatory work included: booking the coffee shop, poster advertisements, purchase of ingredients and raw material, etc.



On that day, the scent of French fries and popcorn chicken attracted students and teachers alike. The best-selling product was the Coke-Cup – it allows people to drink coke while also consume popcorn chicken, without the need to carry a bottle and plate separately. We ran out of stock for most of our products faster than anticipated. Although at times the crowd of customers felt overwhelming, our team still managed to pull together, carrying out the food sale methodically.



Funds raised will be donated in the name of the Charity Club and SIPFLS for charitable causes, especially to impoverished children in rural areas of China. Overall, our members of IB bazaar team are proud of ourselves for helping others that are in need and will continue striving to help more children in poverty.