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CAS- Play around with animation


Animation club is one of the CAS creativity clubs in IB department. Animation club does not only require students to have good drawing skills, but also needs to be good in designing and crafting.



In the semester, club members played a variety of interesting and challenging activities, such as Gun dam, drawing comics, making small animations, and making stop-motion animations.



Here are some productions made by students



Gun dam model making



Small animation



Stop-motion animation






These exquisite works are the best reward for the hardwork of the students.



Here are some comments on this club from students.




-- (徐云鹏 十二年级IB)

 ‘For the past few weeks, the Animation club has produced a number of excellent works on the stop-motion animations. All the club members are putting their great effort to thrive for the best. At first, members did not understand the process of producing stop-motion animations, but after we carefully studied the instructions and collected amazing ideas from others, we made it through our cooperation. In this process, each of members’ skills and specialties have been fully tapped on. This is also one of the reasons why the works are so incredibly amazing.

The production of stop-motion animations requires the ability of sketching, plot construction, communication and cooperation among the members. During the process of making stop-motion animation, those skills have also been greatly improved. At the same time, we also enjoyed discussing the plot, drawing, and adding sound together. After a semester of practice, we have all learned a lot of animation skills.’

--(Jonathan, Y12IB)




-- (秦刘昕 十二年级IB)

‘I used to think that making animation is a tedious and complicated process, just drawing various works constantly, but in fact it is more interesting and more valuable than I thought, and I am proud of our work.’

--(Olivia, Y12IB)



Near the end of the semester, the students collected and organized their everyday practice assignments, and also completed their personal works well. 



Hard work pays off. Through one semester of study by exchanging ideas and browsing materials online, the students have harvested a lot in the animation club, and the level of painting has been greatly improved.