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Maiden attempts at “video making” 戏剧社团首次尝试制作视频

The members decided to rename the club the “Playacting club” in order to be more versatile and reflect a wider spectrum of  multimedia possibilities beyond that of live theatre.

Shortly after the success of World Book Day, they embarked on a project to compose an original playscript and turn it into a VCD. This would give them the opportunity to explore and learn the rudiments of “video making”. From initial conception to final “product”, this was entirely a student-led initiative, albeit with limited success. Based on the theme of interpersonal relationships, the “drama” attempts to capture the ups and downs, conflicts and resolution, through scenarios from their daily classroom life. Thoughadmittedly a raw attempt at recording and editing a vcd, this endeavor is an authentic display of their creativity and provides ample opportunities for personal growth and development and teamwork.