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Pre-IB Drama Club joined Middle School Concert

On 21 December, the Middle School held its annual concert at the Suzhou Youth Activity Centre. The Playacting Club volunteered a drama item, an adaptation of Mitchell Ende’s “The Naked Rhinoceros”, an enjoyable animal story with a deeper message. The students had translated theChinese version into English, and then delegated the various roles amongst each other, taking on the tasks of directing, narrating, and various aspects of production (e.g. props and costumes, lighting and sound effects) largely by themselves. Minimal teacher supervision came in the later stages when issues of quality of diction and creative expression, and the technical demands of lighting and sound needed to be addressed. In the course of preparing for this item, they picked up basic skills in the lighting and sound boxes, and further developed their exposure to aspects of drama and performance, including technical and full dress rehearsals.Perhaps most significantly, they were able to experience the sweet taste of success after botching up at both rehearsals, and learnt how to persevere and resolve to make the actual performance a success.In the course of it all, they experienced how to manage glitches during the performance, and how to rise above these challenges.

Pre IB戏剧社参加初中部圣诞音乐会演出