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CAS Performing Arts Club Workshop 社会实践课“表演艺术社团”的讲座

On the 18 Mar 2016 2 - 4 pm, all Pre-IB teachers and students attended a Workshop on “Aspects of  stage management and production” by Ms Aster Wang Yu. A Masters of Music student with the Shanghai Conservatory of Music,  Ms Wang was the Music  Director for the third season of “Voice of China”, and  the Music Editor for “Chinese Idol”. The workshop was aimed at giving everyone a better idea of the various aspects involved in putting up a stage production. Aspects covered included overall production and artistic direction, including music editing, costumes, sound, lighting, promotion of artistes, etc.


Using excerpts from the Voice of China, Ms Wang took them through these aspects to give a rare and  vivid insight into the intricacies of managing this immensely popular series.  Her weaving of lecture points with VOC excerpts, as well as Taylor Swift’s 2016 Grammy Awards performance, enabled all to appreciate the multi-faceted and rigorous preparatory work involved, culminating in the on-site management of the “live” programme. Ms Wang was herself also the  “live” concert mixer for the series. Many of these nuggets of information were useful in preparing our students and teachers for putting up drama and/or or musical productions in the near future.


In the second half of the two-hour session, she invited students to come forward to sing so that she could give her comments on their “performance”, and advice about how they could further explore their potential. The students enjoyed the session, and were appreciative of her candid evaluation and helpful pointers. 


Our students found Ms Wang  an approachable big sister as well as a professional with invaluable advice. She commented after the session that it was the first time she has had such an enjoyable interactive lecture, being more accustomed to delivering lectures in a traditional style.


The session ended promptly at 4pm, with students clamoring for a follow-up session, possibly on drama performance, and music composition.