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Hiking club’s first activity



On 4th June, pre-IB members took part in a memorable walking trip. This trip was completely organised by the Hiking Team and they had chosen the Ling Bai route to trek across Ling Yan mountain. The route spans approximately 7.5km, consists of some bumps and hurdles, but the risk factor is not high which makes it suitable for young people to go on group excursions.


At the beginning of the hike, the students were all energetic and reached the top of Ling Yan mountain at top speed. There they began their joyous trek along the Ling Bai route. Most parts of the Ling Bai route have no barriers, yet despite the rocky slopes and uneven paths, the students showed great risk-taking courage in going for it.


The yellow wild flowers matched the smiles on the students’ faces as they had fun all along the trek. The beauty of nature made them forget their assignments and problems in their studies. This is also one of the objectives behind this walking activity- so students could combine work and leisure, and leave a happy experience in their youthful memories.


Without a doubt, whether in the hike or in life, one would not always get smooth sailing conditions. The mud and tracks on the mountain became obstacles after the rain, and in several more challenging terrains, the students endured minor bumps and grazes, but nobody was afraid because they knew their friends were around to help them. And as long as they support one another, they will reach their victorious destination no matter what.


They would never abandon one another, never forget one another, and at the end of the 3-hour hike, successfully arrived at the beautiful tourist area.



With sweat-soaked clothes and aching legs, the students collapsed onto the ground the moment they arrived. But their overwhelming emotion at that point was triumph and jubilation.

A delicious barbecue lunch followed at the tourist spot in which everyone cooked their own food and shared all the chores. This Ling Bai route trek fully developed their risk-taking spirit, team work and initiative- all important attributes of the IBDP programme!