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Pre-CAS project: Charity Masquerade


Human care rarely extends beyond the line of sight. We may care for family members, friends, relatives and even our neighbors. But for people that we haven’t seen before, we rarely care about them. From time to time, the media may bring our attention to people in need after a great disaster. However, we seldom care about their daily life. Do they have a normal life as we do, or do they usually live in need?


So our students started to research the everyday life of people who live in high poverty areas. What they found changed their views on the poor. People-in-need require support even to get through every day, and what we see as normal in our daily life can be a torment for them.


Winter in Shangri-La is a mile off to what we have here, as we can enjoy winter within our living room with the comfort of air conditioners and hot pot with friends and families.


However, winter in the mountain region of Shangri-La is sealed by snow. Students have to walk miles in the snow to reach their school. Some of them may be able to afford winter clothes, but for those in need, they don’t even have spare money to buy clothes. Sometimes they return to school with frost bites all over their hands.


After researching and seeing these shocking images, students have decided to raise money to buy winter clothes and donating them to one of the schools in the mountain region of Shangri-La.


After the initial research on the purpose of the project, students started to research on ways to make money. Very soon, they have determined that they would like to hold a Christmas masquerade party.


At the beginning, students had no idea how to manage a party, but soon they figured out that it involves four main parts: event run down, decoration, advertisement and accounting.


Every part of this project is a major undertaking. Our students have learnt a lot through the preparation of this event. In event run down, students have gained a lot of public speaking experience, how to plan for every detail and how to handle emergency events.


Students also got a chance to show their talents to everyone on the masquerade night. From a group dance and music performances, to ballet and solo singing, it all shows the hard work that our students have put into the preparation of the masquerade event.