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IB CAS activity serial report·Love overflows 2


——Recycling club 环保社团

Besides caring the wellbeing of animals, our students also care for the environment. In the past few months, students had witnessed the effect of global warming. From the warmest November to the flooding problem in the Middle  East, we all learnt that if we don’t act soon, it may be too late. While world leaders were meeting at Paris to discuss what they can do on an international scale, our students can aim to work on something closer to home.





With the help of teachers, students had found that there is a company in Suzhou that collects waste paper from schools and uses the material to make pencils. This contributes to eliminating the need to cut down trees and in turn slows down global warming.



So they started to put recycling paper at various strategic places in the school and started collecting waste paper. In the beginning, the progress was slow and sometimes people did not co-operate. For instance, some other students used our recycle bins as rubbish bins and dirtied a few packs of paper.





But with increased communication, students started to realize what our members are doing and they are willing to co-operate. A few weeks later, the first batch of pencils was produced. Our students are very happy with what they have achieved. They think that they have to share the fruit of their labour with the whole school.

但后来经过增进交流后,其他同学也开始认同我们的做法并且乐意合作。没过几周,第一批铅笔终于制作出来了! 同学们对这样的收获非常满意,并且认为应该与全校的同学共同分享这个成果。


They started to distribute recycled pencils to everyone in school. They had also promoted the importance of environmental protection to the Kindergarten and Primary students. Let us all contribute to the cause of environmental protection and leave a better environment for our future generation.