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On the afternoon of April 19th, the recycling club from IB high school has ushered their first large-scale activity— to kindergarten division to recycle clothes. The clothing recycling team has been carefully preparing these two months: planning, discussing, adjusting and making final decisions, and then arranging individual tasks within the team. They showed great teamwork spirit and cooperated closely from poster design, PPT production to interdepartmental communication and speech launching.



The students from IB recycling club walked into several classes of the kindergarten division. With great enthusiasm, they explained the concept of recycling to the children. Students of paper recycling team brought fabulous recycled paper production—green recycling pencils to the children, and they vividly explained the magic process of how waste papers becoming into pencils so as to let the children understand that the daily use wooden pencils would cost many trees, and it is great responsibility to protect the trees for everyone. With the “Green recycling pencils” in their hands, the children seemed understand quite well and constantly made active response. Finally, students from clothing recycling team advocated the children could donate some of their unneeded clothes to those who are in need from Yunnan Province. The children were happy to show their kindness.




The following day, at noon on April 20th, the clothes recycling team came to the kindergarten again to collect clothes. The children enthusiastically brought their clothes to the front of the IB high school students. The seniors were greatly moved, saying that they would pass the love to the children from Yunnan.



The success of this activity for the clothes recycling team of IB division is due to students’ elaborate planning, team cooperation, assistance from kindergarten teachers and more importantly, love from the children. The clothing recycling team will actively carry out the following-up activities and send the clothes as soon as possible.