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Recycling Club – Green Life of students of SIPFLS


Recycling club of IB department for CAS course was established in 2016 in Suzhou industrial park foreign language school (SIPFLS). This club aims to protect the environment and serve teachers and students by recycling daily waste, such as used papers and plastic bottles.


The students divided the recyclable waste into three categories: Bottle, Paper and Clothes. They conducted a recycling activity once a week. After the collection, the garbage is sorted and sent to the recycling bin. The whole process of garbage recycling is independently managed by students as a team.


During this year's event, club members applied to transformed the area near the school stables into a permanent location for recycling, and painted picture instructing about being environmental friendly on the nearby wall.



Environmental graffiti not only highlights the youthful vitality of students, but also has a hint of playfulness. In each activity, the teachers also gave students a lot of help and guidance.



In addition, students have another important task in community activities, which is to use waste plastic bottles to make armor for students to perform. In the process of production, students are determined to innovate and turn waste into treasure.




This creative activity deeply inculcates the concept of environmental protection in students' behaviour, which is also very beneficial to their future lives. In addition, students also planned an event to recycle used clothes, and we look forward to a better result in the coming year.


The purpose of recycling club is to serve students and enrich ourselves in the service of others. We hope that there will be more and more similar environmental clubs in the future, so that we can contribute more to our beautiful school!