SIPFLS IB DIVISION High School Programme
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A Snapshot of CAS


Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) is one of the core curriculums of IB program. At SIPFLS we provide various clubs for students to broaden their horizons and become more well rounded young people. Besides existing clubs, some new clubs were created in this term.









The new Model United Nations Society (MUN) was founded and led by Dr. Kamal, head of MUN Asia Pacific. Club members will travel to Geneva, Switzerland, in November for the global MUN competition, which features exciting and timulating professional training thoughout the week. The new Paper-cut society is also very popular, led by VA teachers. Students learn the traditional Chinese paper-cutting and  have an opportunity to show their creativity with their own innovative designs. The Photography siciety will continue to improve photography skills with a combination of theoretical learning and practice, and they have also recorded exciting moments for many of important events of IB department.






On the basis of the original Basketball, Badminton and Football societies, this year the sports community has added new clubs such as Yoga, Baseball and Rock climbing societies. These clubs are trained by professional teachers in professional venues. These new sports have greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of students for sports. While improving physical fitness, students also gain a deeper study of the rules and skills of sports.



本学期,动物保护、义卖和环保回收社团在做好原有活动的同时也有所创新。动物保护社团在苏州市小动物保护志愿者协会负责人之一 Marie老师的带领下,在校园内学习制作流浪猫收养海报、猫粮及猫咪玩具。环保社团继续负责校园废纸、塑料瓶的回收,同时也大力宣传垃圾分类理念。今年他们还会将回收点进行创意改造。而义卖社团也增加了他们的义卖筹款目标,除了原有的每年筹款2000元捐助贵州的2位学生外,今年他们还计划通过义卖筹得1000元,善款主要用于植树和救助重疾儿童。




Animal caring, Bazar and Recycling Societies continue their service this term while having some innovations. Led by Ms. Marie, one of the responsible persons of Suzhou Small Animal Protection Volunteers Association, the members of animal caring learns to make stray cat adoption posters and to make cat food and cat toys at school. The Recycling society members continue to adhere to the recycling of campus waste paper, plastic bottles, publicity waste classification concept. They will also make creative changes to recycling sites this year. And the Bazar club also increased their charity fund-raising goals, in addition to the original annual fund-raising 2000 yuan to donate to Guizhou's two students, this year they also plan to raise 1000 yuan through the sale for tree planting and donations to seriously ill children.




Till now, each student according to their own interests and hobbies, has chosen two clubs. Club members and club activities are gradually from the plan to the implementation stage.