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IBDP's First Bonding Activity A Roaring Success


On 15th Oct, IBDP students and their teachers had a great time playing 'Captain's Ball' together as their first Bonding Activity of the year. Whilst it was tiring and some people had mild bruises from falling in their frenzy, everybody had a fantastic time working out their bodies and playing to win. Feedback from the students post-activity included the suggestion to have special sports clothes made for greater team spirit, to play the game outdoors, and to have such activities more often with more teachers. Fairness came out as an issue for them to think about as part of their CAS objectives, and the overall MVP (Most Valuable Player) title went unanimously to Ms. Vivian- their homeroom teacher for her outstanding contribution to her team's goals!

10月15日,IBDP的师生们在Captain's Ball活动中度过了一段欢乐时光,这是IBDP部门在本学期进行的第一次“欢乐互动”。球场上,虽然大家玩得精疲力尽,也有人摔倒而擦伤皮肤,但是每一个人都展现了自己的运动激情,并且在锻炼身体的同时,学习到如何为胜利而努力。

活动结束后,同学们做了反思,还提出了建议,比如用特别的运动装来展现团队精神,在室外进行这项运动,要多进行这样的活动,希望有更多老师共同参与等等。对于同学们来说,公平是值得去思考的一个话题,这也是他们CAS目标的一部分。 最终,大家一致将“最有价值队员”授予班主任Vivian老师,感谢她为团队目标所作出的杰出贡献!