SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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Stay ahead and standout from other applicants In a good way


Often the mystery of university application and the complexity of the whole process seems a mammoth task. Finding out your strengths and interests, narrowing your list of preferred universities, preparing additional tests, collecting recommendation letters and crafting the personal statement for your best chance of success could be a daunting task. Therefore, in an effort to tackle one of the biggest tasks high school students face, we have taken a proactive approach to manage this task one step at a time.



Choosing a course 选择专业

Ask yourself where your interests lies, does it lean towards the arts or the sciences? Or have you already set your mind on specific courses, such as architecture or medicine, that is essential for your future career?



At the university education fair hosted by Suzhou  Singapore International  School on 11 March, our students took advantage of the occasion and answered some of these questions themselves. They had the opportunity to talk to University representatives coming from all around the world to match their interests and abilities to certain subjects.



Following the fair, on 25/28 March, a proper university seminar was held back in school for both parents and students to get a better picture of the tasks they are facing in the coming junior and senior years of high school. By breaking down the tasks into external preparation (ranging from subject grades to letters of recommendation), and internal tasks (from personal interests to the internships), we guided students step by step in determining a clear goal and an impeccable University application.