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BiAn Dialogues in Late Spring



On April 1st, 4pm, Ms. Zhao Yun, the supervisor and director of Suzhou ORI EDU, gave a speech on “Film: Dream Chasers of Life” at the Bi’an Café in SIPFLS. This is another in-depth exchange after the cooperation and listing ceremony on March 2nd.


A senior film producer, Ms. Zhao started her speech by discussing the socio-economic situation of the time when Hollywood movies started in the United States. She believes that film art is a dream of life and pointed out the close relationship between film and life. Then, she developed the topic from the five perspectives of composition, color, rhythm, light and shadow, and sound. Using the pull-tab method, she gave a through analysis of the specific bridge segments in the classic movies, "The Grand Budapest Hotel", "Spiderman: Parallel Universe", "Ashes of Time", and "La La Land".

演讲吸引了10和11年级的众多学生参加,参加讲座的大部分学生来自Film making社团,这是IB/AP高中今年新开设的CAS社团。社团从实践中学习,致力于培养学生的拍摄、剪辑的兴趣和实践能力。演讲结束后,社团学生针对实际拍摄过程中遇到的取景、剧本方面的问题展开了提问,赵老师一一细致解答,赢得了一致好评。

The lecture attracted many students from Y10 and Y11. Most of the students who participated in the lecture were from the Film Making Club, which is a new CAS club started in the IB/AP High School this year. The club focuses on learning from practice and is committed to cultivating students' interest in shooting, editing, and practical application. After the speech, the students of the club raised questions about the framing and script problems encountered during the actual filming. Ms Zhao answered the questions and received unanimous praise for her detailed explanation and generous sharing.