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IB Students Participated In Internal Charitable Bazaar



The IBDP course is a pre-university course that aims to equip students with the following attributes: being inquiring, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective. As a core component of the IBDP, CAS requires students to put their knowledge and skills to practical use, and further develop the above attributes. Students have to try many different CAS activities in order to demonstrate their creativity, energy and service qualities.



Recently, our Pre-IBDP Charity Club members took part in the Charity Bazaar organized by our Primary School department for Children’s Day. This was our Charity Club members’ first experience of a big internal charitable event. Through this event, students successfully strengthened their thinking, communication and other related skills.



Before this big event, the students had already participated in three separate charity bazaars. Consequently, they were very prepared for the big day.


Compared to their two previous charity sales held in our school, the scale of this bazaar was much bigger with many more participants, so the things that the students had to prepare also increased in variety and quantity.


准备前,IB学生们商讨了义卖的品种,定下了义卖的“商品”,如华夫饼、酸奶杯、可乐杯和全体师生的捐献品。进入准备过程, IB学生主动分担责任,一起采购义卖所需食材及其它的备用材料。由于经验不足,他们还特地去参观了苏州新加坡国际学校(SSIS)的义卖活动,学到了不少销售方面的知识与技能。最后,他们迎来了本次大规模的校内义卖。

During their preparation, the students discussed the types of items to sell and decided on fresh waffles, yoghurt cups, colas and other miscellaneous objects donated by IB staff and students. Then the students took initiative in splitting their roles and arranging the purchase of all the ingredients and things needed for the bazaar. Considering their lack of experience in such big bazaars, they even went to visit Suzhou  Singapore International  School’s (SSIS) annual charity bazaar to learn valuable techniques in selling and promoting their wares.


义卖过程中,IB学生们积极参与竞争,卖力地制作并销售着主自制的美食。当家长、老师、小学部的学生看到眼前这么多好吃的,都迫不及待地想品尝下。期间, 为了给本次义卖增添一份乐趣与新鲜感,学生们学以致用,即兴销售了他们在苏州新加坡国际学校(SSIS)看到的“销售品”——“染发”。这不但吸引了更多的顾客,更大大增加了营业额。

While our big bazaar was under way, our students participated enthusiastically in the making of the fresh waffles, persuading onlookers to buy their products and competing for support. When the teachers, parents and children visiting the bazaar saw so much delicious food, they could not wait to try them. In addition, the team made a decision to implement an idea learned from SSIS and spontaneously started to provide a ‘hair-dying’ service. This not only attracted many more customers, but also vastly boosted their income.



On the whole, our students had a great time in this meaningful event developing themselves and at the same time, raised a lot of funds for charity. They have also shown their passion, initiative and strength of character to the rest of the school.