SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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Pre-IBDP Orientation Week Wraps up Term on a High



The new pre-IBDP Grade 10 students were invited to SIPFLS for an Orientation Week for half a week, from 27th to 29th June. During the week, subject teachers gave them introductory sessions on their respective subjects to help with subject selection, the Grade 11 students promoted their CAS clubs to recruit members, and a series of House Team activities were held to strengthen the bonds between the teachers and students. The week culminated in a Parents’ Conference for the Grade 11s where report cards were distributed and students sent home on a high.


The week started off with a great evening on Sunday. Grade 10 students met one another mostly for the first time and played games in their home classes using their creativity to complete a task using body language only. Monday morning saw the students placed into their various House Teams, where they were given the task of designing and creating a boat made out of recycled materials for a human boat race the next evening. Monday evening also saw the students get together to complete their boats and have a great time choosing a House Captain and deciding on a House slogan, cheer and icon. They also had a Careers session with our University Counsellor who advised them on subject options according to their future aims and destinations.


During the day time of Monday to Wednesday, both Grade 10 and 11 students attended academic sessions on all their subjects to either get a taster or collect their final exam papers back. Grade 10 students, in particular, were introduced to the IBDP’s style of teaching and learning, as well as the key elements of the course such as the Learner Profiles and CAS clubs. In some subjects, they were also given a diagnostic test to put them in the appropriate classes when term starts.


Tuesday evening was the highlight of the week as everybody stayed till past 8pm participating in the House boat races and other inter-House games. After a series of tense competitions, the Blue House/Dolphins emerged the champions. The teachers joined in and staged a game of charades for the students to guess as well. At the end of the evening, everybody helped themselves to snacks and drinks and took team photos to remember the night.


On Wednesday, the IB Principal had a session with the parents of the Grade 10 students which enabled them to understand the course better and clear up any questions they have. Grade 10 students were then taken home to do their holiday homework for the subjects they had chosen.


On Thursday, the teachers met with the parents of Grade 11 students and talked to them about their children’s performance in all the different subjects this semester.  They finalised Standard and Higher Level (SL & HL) subjects for the next school year and collected their final semester report cards.


Lastly, Yr 11 students had their second Physical Fitness test on the final day of the semester. Generally they have improved on their performance in the various rounds of assessment from the last semester’s test. Some still need to work on their physical fitness during the upcoming holidays.


On the whole, both batches of students had a lot of fun this last week of term either participating in the orientation activities or wrapping up the school year. When it came to a close, the feedback was generally positive and everybody felt more geared up for the new semester to come!