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IB High School- World Book DayConcert 2016


Preparing for the event准备“世界读书日音乐会”

In the run up to World Book Day 31 Oct 2016, all staff and students of IB geared up for the first all-IB event of the academic year – the WBD Concert. From the outset, it was meant as a process that would provide opportunities for all students to develop their leadership, creativity, initiative and teamwork. Yr 11 students provided most of the leadership, while Yr 10s rallied around their seniors, working enthusiastically and happily towards the final outcome. IB teachers instilled the values of discipline, perseverance and excellence by working hand- in- hand in providing guidance.



The unanimous choice among students was to enact “The Million Pound Note” by Mark Twain, a short story that explores the attractions of a material world, yet highlights the importance of moral values and love. This would culminate in a musical finale, with the musicians (piano, percussion, flute and bass guitar) playing the ABBA hit, “Money, Money, Money” with a solo vocalist. In the beginning, a separate overture item with a different pianist would provide the opening act to the whole show with an instrumental rendition of “My Favorite Things’ from the Sound of Music. 

全体学生经讨论一致赞成通过戏剧表演来演绎马克·吐温的作品——《百万英镑》。此戏剧深入剖析了在这个物欲横流的世界里人性美德和爱的重要性。此剧之后,一场音乐演出将此次读书日活动完美收官。此音乐演出将由小音乐家们(钢琴手、鼓手、吹笛和贝斯吉他手)以ABBA的击打节奏,通过开头的“Money, Money, Money《钱钱钱》的声乐独唱表演出来。全场演出的开头将会由另一位钢琴手独奏的开场秀引入全乐队的共同协奏曲“My Favorite Things《我的最爱》”。


With each practice session, the band members saw their musical communication and understanding grow. The singer, Marmalade, later joined them and was the cherry on top of the delicious and exciting musical cake!

通过每一次的演奏练习,每名乐队成员都见证了彼此对于音乐的交流和理解。后加入的歌手黄舒雅Marmalade 的歌声如同美味的音乐奶油蛋糕上的那颗樱桃一般,将让全场气氛推向高潮。

The comperes scripted and co- ordinated their own act and found themselves growing into their roles with each passing day.


Helmed by the student directors, the students translated the Chinese version of the play into an English version that they felt more natural with. Then followed the process of casting, directing and rehearsing, not forgetting the decisions over stage directions, props and costumes. There would also be a ball room dance scene choreographed by the students themselves.


From the word “go” the students never slacked in their commitment to their roles. Each team planned, organized and executed what they had to do, some with hardly any teacher supervision.



The props team worked tirelessly first to conceptualize and design the props, and subsequently manage the moving of props with every change of scene. They worked smoothly in liaison with the sound, lighting and background PPT teams. Each of these comprised a student leader with members who learnt the ropes of sound and lighting control from scratch in the control room and step by step, created the effects on their own to match the action on stage. Likewise one student managed the curtains single- handedly, whileanother took responsibility for the array of different microphones to be distributed and redistributed. It was a joy to witness everyone helping in prompting and supporting each other, helping each other adjust their mikes, and never giving up through the repeated practices.


Likewise, the Costumes and make up team worked in a systematic way to plan, organize, purchase the required materials, and coordinate the workload for the actual day. Make up was provided in a nonstop fashion with clockwork efficiency for all IB performers and all Middle School.The seating plan was done by one student, while two others helped out with designing a simple invitation for VIPs, and a programme sheet. Some teachers chipped in to help out in guest reception, ushering and crowd control, student welfare and finance.


WBD with Cosplay and Concert“世界读书日”真人秀和音乐会

On the morning of the 31st, some students and teachers came to class dressed as characters from books. Everyone had fun guessing one another’s characters and listening to some fascinating stories. It was a delightful way to encourage reading!


Once again, IB had invited Middle school to participate in the event. Prior to the day itself, Middle School Eighth Graders had been assigned the reading of  “The Time Machine”   and designed posters based on the book.



On that day, Grade 8 students put up an entertaining multi-lingual poetry recital performance set in the royal court of the Song dynasty. The audience was treated to a meaningful yet humorous rendition of various poems in English (performed together with an expatriate teacher), Korean and Chinese. There was also a lyrical guzheng performance by one of the students. Grade 9 students then mesmerized the audience with a well-received and well- choreographed dance excerpt from “High School Musical”, featuring three singers in the second round of the dance.

演出当天,八年级同学们用多种语言向观众们呈现了一场令人愉悦的诗歌吟诵——《宋朝诗人游园会》。中文、韩语与英语的古诗朗诵让人感觉耳目一新(并有外国老师的加入)。初中九年级的同学们精心准备的舞蹈“High School Musical(歌舞青春)则深深地吸引了观众们。

As planned, the IB music team opened the concert with a sterling rendition of “My Favorite Things”, and closed the concert with an equally polished performance of “Money, Money, Money”.  In this final act to the main drama, “The Million Pound Note”, cast and crew came together on stage with the singer to get the audience to sing along. The two comperes tied the entire show together with their confident and steady performance.

一切按照计划进行,IB乐队通过完美演奏“My Favorite Things《我的最爱》开启了读书日音乐会的演出,并以精彩的音乐演奏“Money, Money, Money《钱,钱,钱》)将本次演出完美收官,《百万英镑》的全体演员以及工作人员一起来到舞台上和歌手一起演唱,两位主持人熟练自信地将每个节目自然地串联到一起。

After the concert, the Principal thanked everyone for a job well done and sponsored a specially- catered dinner in the school canteen in recognition of all the effort put in by teachers and students.


IB parents who attended the event expressed their satisfaction over what they had seen. It was re assuring for them to see their children acquiring new skills and values of diligence and excellence, and provided some confirmation that they had made the right decision to let their children join the IB programme here.



WBD 2016 has indeed proven to be a fulfilling experience for all students and teachers, and an invaluable opportunity for bonding among all. After the event, students would go on to engage in individual and group reflections and document their thoughts and plans, in preparation for future endeavors.