SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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Career PlanningY11 Parent's Meeting


Through education, we hope to attain some degree of enlightenment and be better equipped for the future. With the proliferation of jobs after the Industrial revolution, the possibility of matching our strengths to a career has become possible. This new found alignment of interests, purpose and meaning has in turn generated a new set of attitudes, so that to an extent, we are no longer merely enslaved to the system and finding a job isn’t just about securing a rice bowl anymore.



This means we should be even more vigilant in preparing for and understanding our chosen path of  education, including subject selection at high school, andchoice of university major(s) that propel us toward our future career. As the saying goes, ‘a plan without goal is just a wish’. The trick of doing this, therefore, is preparation. On the 9th of September,a meeting for career planning was held with the Year 11 parents, and our Vice PrincipalMr. Li, was there to answer our parents’ queries about career planning and preparation. The parents were informed of upcoming events like education fairs featuring Stanford University and the University of California, Berkley. We believe that activities like these will help to foster a better understanding of the process of gearing up for university.