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The IB’s First Intercultural Day 


On the last day of term before the Christmas break, the IB department held their first Intercultural Day event. This was an event planned and executed by their Student’s Council, who began preparing all the IB students and staff for it a few weeks ago. Ten different cultures/ countries were selected based on staff and student profiles as well as language interests, and ranged from South East Asia as the biggest group to Germany and Mexico.


After weeks of discussion, getting displays ready, food recipes sourced and tried out, costumes ordered/ borrowed, and special items such as national anthems and traditional games prepared, the ten groups set up their separate stalls. Before the official event got under way, the Performing Arts CAS group also gave everyone a rendition of “Last Christmas” to set the festive mood for the season. Parents and other department leaders were invited and were fascinated by the amount of preparation that went into some cultural groups’ stalls. Others were attracted by the huge variety of interesting foods and could not stop going back for more!


After everyone has had their fill, the event drew to a close. The Student’s Council members then helped to clean up the place and tidied up the classrooms. Some students remarked they found out more about other countries’ cultures through the event, while others simply enjoyed the whole experience with their teachers, family and friends. Overall, it was a meaningful event that put an excellent end to the term thus far. Let’s look forward to another Intercultural Day next year!!