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First IB Talent Show Blew Our Minds


After a month of hard work, the IB students successfully put up their first ever Talent Show for parents, teachers and guests on 24th March. Everyone was wowed by the fantastic and creative performances, which featured several types of musical instruments, singing (solos, duetsand group), dancing (modern, ballet and traditional Chinese) and a skit. Among all the items on display, some of the most memorable and unexpected ones were a one-man beatboxing show, a highly complex piano solo by a new student and a Chinese cross- talk piece.



The whole performance was choreographed and staged by Grade Ten pre-IB and Grade Eleven IB students, with the Students’ Council at the helm. After some initial consultations with teachers over all the aspects of managing a production, the students took ownership of the project. From artistic conception to direction,along with original scripting and choreography, to final performance, students took the lead. They orchestrated onstage performance and backstage management, built their own props, decided their own costumes, created the desired audio-visual effects, and then executed these according to the technical rundown they had composed, displaying a high level of teamwork and leadership throughout. Teacher guidance and support remained minimal, like providing on-site guidance with the practical manouvres in the sound and lighting box, some music arrangement with one or two music scores, and editing some scripts, and helping with costumes and make-up on the day itself.



On the day, the whole show surpassed the audience’s expectations and their applause rang loud and long. At the closing of the show, flowers were presented to the student leaders in charge of the event and speeches were given by Vice-Principal Mr. Oliver Li and a parent representative. They both voiced their appreciation for the hard work and talents on display and expressed how heartened they are by the progress and development of the IB student body. The event not only provided a platform to highlight their creativity and talents, but served also to develop the aspects of the IB Learner Profile - self-management, organization, communication and thinking.

才艺秀当天,学生们以精彩的表演征服了在场所有的观众,并赢得了经久不息的掌声和欢呼。在才艺秀接近尾声之时,家长们向在本次才艺秀中主要负责的学生代表献上鲜花以表鼓励和赞扬。李方华副校长和学生家长代表分别致辞,既由衷地表达了对IB高中部学生举办此次才艺秀所付出努力的感谢,也表达了对全体IB高中部学生成长进步的欣慰之情。本次才艺秀不仅为学生们提供了施展其创意和才华的舞台,而且还培养了学生们在IB 学习中所应具备的其他能力,如自我管理能力、组织能力、沟通能力和思考能力等。


Together with Director Zhang, Principal Ge, Vice Principal Li and Vice Principal Pan, as well as representatives of the School’s senior and middle management, we, the staff and parents of the IB Division,would like to say “Thank you for the wonderful event! Soldier on, IB!”