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IBDP students tried out Physical Fitness Award Standards


Last Thursday during their Bonding period, IBDP students were introduced to international physical fitness standards that spanned 1-minute sit-ups, standing broad jumps, 1-minute push-ups, sit and reach, and 4*10 metre shuttle runs. All the students tried every test section to the best of their current ability with their results recorded by their teachers. While encouraging them along and sharing tips, many of their teachers also joined in and tested themselves. Their results are then displayed on the noticeboard to serve as a reminder for them to continue training in their own time, for better performances at the next test session in ten weeks' time. Results are convertible to points which would qualify participants for the Gold, Silver or Bronze awards at the end of the year. Although clearly exhausted, everyone had a field day working out their bodies with their teachers and among the most common feedback received was how tough some of the test sections' standards were! Now that we have gotten the ball rolling, we would also have the 2.4km run to look forward to very soon.