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An Afternoon of Dance 午后的芭蕾盛宴

14 Apr 2017   2017414

The Afternoon of Dance was a ballet event, featuring the professional dance company  BalletMagnificat!,and organized by IB division of SIPFLS in association with  arts management company Gallery 4, Suzhou.

2017414号下午,在“苏州微展览四贸易有限公司”的协办下,我校IB高中部邀请“Ballet Magnificat”专业芭蕾舞团为全校师生们呈现了一场美妙的芭蕾视听盛宴。

Ballet Magnificat! began in  the US as a way to share the culture of ballet within the US and throughout the world. The company's name is derived from a poem, which is fitting for this arts organization that uses story ballets to share a message of beauty andtruth.This talented and accomplished group, comprising individuals from all over the world, is committed to encouraging and infusing life into all through this art form.

Ballet Magnificat”专业芭蕾舞团最初诞生于美国,旨在向全美乃至全球推广芭蕾舞的文化。舞团的名字出自一首诗歌,他们通过芭蕾舞剧去传递美善和真理的含义。这个才华出众、成绩斐然的专业舞蹈团队汇集了来自世界各地的优秀舞者,他们都热爱芭蕾艺术,并希望为之奉献一生。

The IB Performing Arts Club was given the responsibility of hosting the event.  Fresh from their event managementexperiencegleaned from the recent students’ Talent Show, members cametogether to organize the  various aspects, from  hospitality to technical support. From the word “go”, students worked with the school to provide the dancers with meals and refreshments and   ensure that all logistical and other needs were taken care of.  Helpers from the school’s Logistics department worked alongside the dancers to ensure that the props were handled in theright way, while students took care of the ushering, helped with microphones and curtains control. Up front, the two Masters of Ceremony tied the show together in a polished manner. In the sound box, students and teachers worked hand in hand with Gallery 4 staff to manage all the sound, lighting and PowerPoint needs, while another teamwas responsible for publicity, such as the designing and distribution of invitation cards and programme sheets.  The overallcoordination was vested into the hands of student leaders, with teacher oversight.


With original choreography,the Ballet Magnificat! teamstaged a brilliant performance, mesmerizing the audience with a non-stop and powerful  rendition of “The Story of Ruth”, a creative and modern adaptation of the Biblical story in multiple acts. Words cannot describe the elegance of the dancer’s every move, accompanied by an equally wonderful selection of classical and contemporary musicin harmony with the dance. The intricacy of the dancer’s every move reflected the hard work put into refining their act. As the old saying goes, “three minutes glory on stage, ten years hard work off the stage”. Indeed, to the spell-bound audience of Middle School and IB students, teachers and parents, the show was a testimony of their dedication and passion. The dance was followed by a brief sharing by one of the dancers, herself an IB graduate who had studied in Shanghai, and who now  straddles  her twin home bases of the US and China. In appreciation, flowers were presented to the troupe’s Director- cum –choreographer, and the dancers. An Q-and- A session ensued, at which students were eager to make inquiries into the art of ballet, and the dancers  most happy to answer them. The atmosphere was gregarious and friendly, with spontaneous queries and equally candid responses.

Ballet Magnificat”专业芭蕾舞团此次为我校呈现了精美绝伦的原创节目《路得的故事》(The Story of Ruth)(改编自《圣经》,并进行了艺术创作)。现场的舞蹈表演是语言无法尽述的优雅,古典与现代乐曲交替流转,芭蕾的舞步也随之回旋宛转,观众身临其境,如梦似幻,沉醉不已。正如古语所讲“台上一分钟,台下十年功”,优美的舞姿也正是舞者辛勤努力的结果。的确,在场的领导、家长、老师和学生都被他们的艺术热情和奉献精神所折服。演出结束后,其中一名舞者也跟大家分享了她与舞蹈的故事。值得一提的是,这名舞者本身也是一名IB国际课程的毕业生,目前在中美两地定居。为表谢意,学生们在演出结束后,向舞团的导演兼艺术顾问以及舞者们献上鲜花。观众还在问答环节向舞者咨询了有关芭蕾的专业问题,并得到了耐心细致的回答。整场气氛温馨而融洽,提问秩序井然,回答诚恳有力。

The event offered students exposure to world-class performance, and raised their awareness of artistic and professional commitment, as well as the spirit of international exchange.  Many of  IB Learner Profile Attributes of  being open minded, caring and inquisitive risk- takers, had been exemplified by the dancers, and the students relished the opportunity to interact directly after the show.


We thank Ballet M for their willingness to grace our stage with their show, and more importantly, to share their spirit and art, and the school management for its support in  making the event possible, and look forward to more of such exchanges in the near future.

我们不仅衷心感谢Ballet Magnificat专业芭蕾舞团为我们呈现了一场完美的视听盛宴,更感谢他们所分享的追求艺术的精神和优雅的芭蕾舞艺术。同时,也再次感谢学校的管理部门对本次活动的鼎力支持,并且由衷的期待下一次的文化交流活动。

Thank you Ballet M, and may we meet again!

感谢Ballet Magnificat,山水有相逢,再会!