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My time in SIPFLS   我在园外的日子

It is always rewarding to be undertaking a novel experience. After all, it is only through new experiences that we really learn something. It is with this positive attitude that I decided to spend my pre matriculation months as an intern with the International Baccalaureate (IB) department of the Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language School.

Here, I gleaned first hand insights into the world of teaching. Effective pedagogy involves not only making sure that the students understand what I am teaching, but understanding what the students are going through, the commitments that they have, and the troubles that they face. Having studied under the GCE ‘A’ Level curriculum back home, teaching in an IB environment meant that I had to first internalize the education system employed by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO).Unlike the more academicfocused ‘A’ levels, the IB curriculum provides for a relatively wider spectrum of activities that aim to improve the global perspective of the students as well as develop their intellectual and emotional flexibility. I am thankful for the assistance rendered by my colleagues in helping me understand the curriculum, and their patience in showing me the ropes.
在这里,我接触到了教学最全新的知识和技能。我深刻地体会到,成功的教学法必须是教学相长,相辅相成的。作为教师,使学生理解自己的上课内容固然重要,但是更应该设身处地为学生着想,理解他们需要达到的目标,敏锐地察觉到他们在学习过程中遇到的困难和挫折。我自身A-Level 的学习背景也给我深入理解由国际文凭组织设置的IB课程体系提供了挑战。通过学习和对比,我了解到,相比较注重应试的A-Level 课程,IB的课程体系则提供了一系列广泛的活动,提高了学习者的国际视野和综合能力。这些能力包括扎实的学术研究能力和优秀的情感管理能力。在此我也感谢我的同事们无私的帮助,他们教会了我更好地理解课程的内涵,耐心的为我提供了进步的阶梯。

Perhaps it is due to the fact that I am merely a few years older than the students, that after learning the entire curriculum that is expected of them, I was able to better empathise with the weight of the commitments that the students have to shoulder, and the combined responsibility that all of the teachers had to bear. As teachers, we take time out of our schedules to provide guidance for the students as much as possible. While it is nigh impossible for every single student to obtain stellar academic results, success comes in innumerable forms (something that I personally believe is emphasized by the IBO). It is gratifying to see our efforts take off as the students made us proud over and over again: through their excellently executed talent show, through their impeccable organisation of events, and through their heartwarming volunteering in their overseas service trips to Thailand and Yunnan.

Knowing that the students are pressurized by the amount of commitments they face, I aim to make the lessons that I teach as engaging and interesting as possible, and in interacting with the students as much as possible to better advice them. Fun in learning is achievable as seen in the Adventure Club CAS activity that I assisted in managing. It is touching to see the enthusiasm and diligence of the students in completing every single CAS activity. In a short period of three months, the projects that we completed as a team were both numerous and exciting something that I did not expect prior to coming to Suzhou. The sense of accomplishment from successfully establishing this club as a CAS activity is a process that we, as a club, will never forget.

Everything that has a beginning has an end, and while it is with reluctant steps that I trudge out of the school gate, I am extremely grateful for this opportunity that was given to me. When I look back, I can see the holistic development that the IB department is cultivating within the students, and the efforts by the teachers in supporting them.Teaching goes both ways
-after all, new experiences are always

educational. I will cherish the experience that I forged with every single colleague and student!MaySIPFLS continue in its mission to cultivate all-rounded individuals!


To the Principal, staff and students of SIPFLS IB class of 2018 and 2019, all the best till we meet again.
敬爱的校长,亲爱的同事,可爱的园外IB 2018/2019届的学生们,今朝暂且自兹去,万千祝福留心间,山山水水总相逢,期待再会!!

Jing Ye Seow

May 2017