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Inaugural Twin Glories of IB Department



Good News: Economics


In early April 2017, 10 IB students went to Shanghai and competed with Economics students from the eastern China area in “NEC China 2017”. In late May, we received the good news that David Liu from Year 10 achieved had an excellent result, winning the Bronze Award.

20174月初,我校IB10名学生赴上海参加了“NEC China 2017全美经济学挑战赛”与华东地区高中经济学的精英同场竞技。5月底传来喜报:IB10年级预备班刘书盟David同学发挥出色,获中国赛区铜奖。

NEC, National Economics Challenge, is a famous competition organized by Council for Economics Education. Over 17 years, it has been a prestigious economics competition for high school students. The Challenge recognizes exceptional high school students for their knowledge of economic principles and their ability to apply problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to real-world events.Each year, over 10,500 students across the U.S. participate in the competition.

全美经济学挑战赛,全称National Economics Challenge,为美国经济学教育学会(Council for Economics Education)旗下知名的赛事。历时 17 年,作为 CEE 运营的一项针对高中生的极富盛名的经济学赛事,旨在考察各个优秀院校学生的基本经济知识、解决问题的能力,以及对于社会事件所表现出的批判性思维。美国每年有超过 10,500 名来自各个州的学生参与比赛。

After the invitation during mid of March, economics students actively registered the competition. Despite of the short preparation time, students helped each other and studied together, achieving good results. They found that the questions in the competition mainly focus on the principles of economics with application and international affairs. That is why it is important to have solid understanding in the daily learning and social issues as a way to improve analytic skills. During the reflection after the competition, it shows the their strict requirements with themselves and the proactive spirit.








Good News: Mathematics


In the same month, IB students also participated in the world-wide Hypatia Mathematics Contests hosted by the University of Waterloo. Daisy Zhang from Year 11 turned in an excellent performance. She achieved the Distinction Award as well as the School Champion Medal.


The Hypatia Mathematics Contest is a famous competition organized by the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) from the University of Waterloo. CEM has more than 54 years of experience in hosting Math competitions. The HMC is a prestigious mathematics competition for high school students in North America. The Contests are designed to give students in Grades 11 an additional mathematical challenge during the school year and one that requires full written solutions. This year, over 650 schools across the world participated in the competition. The total number of students enrolled in the competition is more than 22000 students. Daisy Zhang has achieved a ranking within the top 5% worldwide (rank 796) and she ranks among the top few percent within the China region.