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Battle of the Bands


On 9 June 2017, 6 students from IB participated in the Battle of the Bands, an event hosted by the Suzhou Singapore International School for the under-16 age group. The competition comprised 3 eliminative rounds, with 3 bands eliminated at the end of every round.The band, Sin Nombre, consisting of Jeff (violin), Tomo (bass guitar), Louisa (keyboard), Ximena(drums),  Krystal and Marmalade (vocals), made their way smoothly into the second round with their polished rendition of  “Teenage Kicks”   and  “Dreaming of you”, showcasing  individual finesse as well as group harmony. In the second round, despite a rousing rendition of La Bamba to impromptu dance moves by the vocalists, the band lost out to the more powerful and experienced teams.  Nonetheless ,we congratulate the band and Ms Fay Donovan for the hours of hard work invested in the week of the competition and for an impressive performance that evening.

Well done, and here’s to more good things!

201769日,IB高中部的6名同学参加了由苏州新加坡国际学校(SSIS)举办的一场“最强乐队争霸赛”,该赛事面向16岁及以下青少年,共有三轮淘汰赛(每轮淘汰3组乐队)组成。我们的“无名乐队”(Sin Nombre西班牙语)由11年级的刘趣Jeff(小提琴手)和阿部智良Tomo(贝斯手),10年级的刘礼扬(电子琴)和Ximena (鼓手),10年级的沈家敏和11年级的黄舒雅两位主唱组成。初战告捷,他们凭借《青春未央》(Teenage Kicks)和《梦中重逢》(Dream of you)中出彩的个人表演和优秀的团队协作力顺利进入第二轮比赛。虽然我们由于经验不足,最后止步六强不敌其他乐队,但是在此轮表演中两位主唱随着节奏即兴起舞,青春飞扬,令人不禁高声欢呼,为之惊叹。

祝贺“无名乐队”小试牛刀,感谢Fay Donovan 老师的辛苦指导,当晚争霸赛的精彩演出令人印象深刻,难以忘怀!