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IB Y10 Students’ First Day of Orientation



IB Y10 students had their first day of orientation on the 27th of August. After their morning reading class, they were gathered at the school playground and met their drillmaster. Even though our Y10 students got up very early in the morning and were standing outside during this hot summer, they were all acting like real soldiers, following all the instructions earnestly, such as ‘at ease’, ‘attention’, ‘right dressleft dress’ and ‘count off’.


As lunchtime approaches, though starving, our Y10 students waited for junior school students to have lunch first. They stood in line and entered into canteen orderly. Despite the fact that they were the last batch having lunch, they enjoyed their lunch and had a great time eating with their new friends.

经过紧张的集训,当午饭时间来临时, 10年级学生们已经很饿了,但是,所有学生因顾念初中入学教育学生的需要,先让学弟学妹先行打饭,而他们静静排到后面等候。尽管学生排在全校最后才能吃到饭,但是他们都非常享受午餐时间,并与各自新结交的朋友一起分享午餐。

After an hour’s break, our Y10 students started their afternoon bonding activities. They were introduced with some ice-breaking ones such as walk in circles, name guessing and quick learning of Taiqi. After the warming-up part, students joined in two activities – the card game and the ball game, which require a lot of collaborating and communicating skills. Our Y10s thought various kinds of methods in winning the game, worked extremely well with each other and had a lot of fun. Very soon, in cheers and laughter, they ended up the first day’s orientation and had their dinner at the canteen.

1个小时的午休结束后,10年级学生开始了下午的拓展活动训练。首先,拓展活动老师带领学生展开一系列有趣的“破冰”活动,以便让学生之间有更好的默契,如集体绕圈走、趣味猜名字、太极快速学等有趣的活动。这些热身活动过后,学生们分组加入到需要展示更多的沟通和交流技能的竞赛活动中——翻卡游戏与球类游戏。在活动中, 10年级学生互相配合、通力合作,思考各样的方法来赢得活动的胜出。同时,他们也在活动中获得了很多的乐趣。很快,在竞赛活动的欢呼声和笑声中,学生们结束了第一天的入学教育活动,到学校餐厅进晚餐。

Exhausted but excited, Y10 students continued with their evening session – diary writing. Through their diary, they not only reflected on the experiences but more importantly, on the spirits of IB as an IB learner. Some realized the importance of being an open-minded person through not judging a person according to stereotypes. For example, the drillmaster also has his caring aspects. Some of our students recognized the significance of being a good communicator, especially through afternoon bonding time. Some reflected that through orientation, they were cared by their classmates such as helping with the dressing and also, in this way, have learned how to care others. Some also mentioned how they have developed their critical and creative thinking skills through trial and errors.



All in all, it is indeed a fruitful and worthwhile day though tough and tired. Our Y10 IB students are ready for any possible difficulties and challenges. Bearing LPA in mind, they will work together and develop progressively not only during these military training days but also in theirfuture studies and lives!