SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
Learning Corners Events

Y10 Orientation Session Gave New Students a Taster of Things to Come




The IB high school held a three-day Orientation session from 28th to 30th June to help new pre-IB Grade Ten students understand the course as well as do their subject selections.



On 27th June, all new Grade Ten students arrived at school at 5:30pm and were led to their dormitories by the Grade Eleven volunteers. Once they were nicely settled, they took part in an English diagnostic test to put them in the right English classes. The IB Principal, Joel Seow, then gave them a welcome talk on the activities planned for them in the coming days.



The next 3 days, students reported to the IB classrooms and met their teachers for the first time. Subject teachers all tried their best in the subject-introduction sessions to ‘attract’ the students to their courses, and give them preparation for what to expect in those classes in future. Students then made their subject choices from what they had heard as well as considering their interests and directions.








In the sessions, Group 1 and 2 language teachers organised active activities for the students to appreciate the beauty of words and the ATL (Approaches to Learning) skills in the IB course. Group 3 ‘Individuals and Societies’ teachers tried to use posters and lego bricks to illustrate consumers’ psychological need in order to offer a visual representation of what students would learn in Business and Economics. Group 4 Science teachers introduced students to the particles and atoms of matter so as to give them a taster of Physics and Chemistry courses. Group 5 Maths teachers guided students in using mathematical knowledge to solve problems between interest rates and mortgages. Group 6 Art teachers showed students the basics of what to expect in the Visual Arts and Music courses.Finally, Essential Study (ES)teacher let students enjoy the critical thinking in interdisciplinary learning.


In the evenings of 27th to 29th June, Grade Eleven volunteers arranged all kinds of ice-breaking and bonding activities for the new Grade Tens to enable them to make friends and feel more comfortable in their new department. Special thanks ought to be given to the Grade Eleven students for spending so much time and effort in planning and executing all the games and activity sessions that involved performances, riddles and team-building which were extremely successful and appreciated!



Another aspect worth mentioning is the professional careers counselling and CAS activities introductory sessions that were also provided to the students. In sum, the whole IB department pulled together in the Orientation sessions to give new students the best start possible to their IB journey. We wish them all the very best in their holistic growth ahead!!