SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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IBDP Student Council Inauguration Ceremony



On 11th of October, all the SIPFLS IB students gathered in the auditorium to attend the 2ndInauguration Ceremony of the Student Council (S.C.). The ceremony was held in the presence of our IB Principal, Mr. Joel Seow, as well as all the teachers and studentsof IBDP. It was an honor to have one of our teacher advisors, Mr. Tan Yanming, to give a speech to address the members of the audience.


During the ceremony, the new S.C. members, led by the 2nd President of S.C., James Liu, were presented with the Student Council badges, passed on from the incumbent members, led by the 1st President of S.C., Daisy Zhang. That moment signified the beginning of a new student leader group and the completion of their term of office for the first batch of S.C.All the new members were sworn-in and promised to discharge their responsibility to the best of their abilities as members of the S.C. This solemn moment was witnessed by all the members of IBDP present.


Here, we sincerely wish the new S.C. of IBDP a refulgent future!