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SIPFLS IBDP Presents World Book Day and Les Misérables




The third annual World Book Day by SIPFLS IBDP offered more action and cultural variety than ever before. IB students displayed their talents in all aspects of the arts, dancing, acting, singing and playing their way through a memorable and entertaining afternoon. Principals, staff, parents and guests were treated to six performances that showcased the teamwork and dedication of the Performing Arts club and department as a whole.



Hosted by Sun Young Park and Bertram Xu, the event was kicked off by an exhilarating duet on piano by Louisa Liu and Jack Liang. Four hands sounded like an entire orchestra when playing Johann Strauss Senior’s renowned Radetzsky March, truly whetting the appetite of the audience and setting the standard for the rest to come.



Next, Year 10 took centre stage with their adaptation of theclassic Chinese novel Water Margin (水滸傳). The traditional story was retold in a modern and humorous way, with daring fight scenes, an adrenaline-charged soundtrack and convincing acting by the small but lively cast. It was wonderful to see such a well-known tale being portrayed in a new and exciting way.

紧接着10年级的同学们给观众表演了新编版中国经典名著《水浒传》的一个片段。 这个中国经典文学故事被同学们用诙谐的方式,借力现代的背景音乐和精彩的打戏重新演绎了出来。将经典故事浓缩于片段之中,辅之以个人理解并将之搬上舞台, 这种旧瓶装新酒的呈现方式令观众耳目一新。


The programme then took a more mournful and romantic turn, with York Yang’s and Krystal Shen’s rendition of Thinking of You. This touching duet was followed by yet another contrasting piece, as Jack Liang once again took to the piano to demonstrate his quick and nimble finger workwith the Filippenko Toccata. He took the audience’s breath away with an energetic and charismatic performance.



Before the final item of the afternoon, Year 11 introduced a surreal and psychedelic performance ofAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The audience were invited to venture down the rabbit hole with Alice and watch a dance off between the ‘red rabbits’ and ‘blue rabbits’. Choreographed by York Yang andTomo Li, it was a great chance for the team to show off their modern dance skills.



For the World Book Day grand finale, the whole department joined forces to present Victor Hugo’s LesMisérables. Transporting the audience back to revolutionary France, the principals of liberté, égalité, and fraternitéwere framed by the touching love story of Cosette and Marius. James Liu and Vivian Yang not only directed the production, but also took on the central roles of Jean Valjean and Javert respectively with incredible passion and devotion. The play was driven by live music from the IB Band, who accompanied the performers and lifted the whole performance to new heights. Taking on such an epic tale, popularized by the recent film adaptation of the musical, was an incredibly ambitious task, but the students came together and did themselves proud hosting a magnificent event. Next year, it will be the turn of the current Year 10s to continue to make World Book Day bigger and better than before!