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World Book Day 世界读书日


On 30 Oct, IB students hosted a World Book day concert in the lecture hall from 3.30 – 4.30pm. It was the first concert put up by the IB Division in collaboration with the Middle school. The two comperes coordinated their act smoothly, switching with relative ease between English and Chinese, giving an introduction to the significance of World Book Day and each item in succession. IB students first gave a group recital of a Hungarian poem, “I am willing to be a stream”, translated into Chinese, against a backdrop of idyllic images of nature. The second item by the IB was a Chinese drama “Kung I-chi” by modern writer Lu Hsun, enacted in English. The protagonist was applauded spontaneously by the audience for giving a stirling performance.


The Middle school followed up with three items, the first a re-enactment of Maria and the Von Trapp children singing “Do re mi”, from the Sound of Music, and then a recital of a poem, “I love reading books”.  The finale came in the form of a humorous and creative adaptation of “The Sleeping Beauty” which had the audience reeling in laughter.


All in all, the afternoon was a delightful one for staff and students, and an event that had given students the opportunity to learn the value of teamwork and gain first-hand experience into the various aspects of putting up a concert. We commend the efforts of all involved and believe this is a herald of more collaborative efforts between the high school and the middle school.