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SIPFLS vs Dulwich International High School: An inaugural match between two SIP titans



“SIPFLS Take off!” The IB DP Boy’s Football Club shouted these words with gusto and energy during their ‘hands-in’ before the match. Since the club was formed in September 2017, 12 boys and 3 girls from IBDP Year 10-12 have been training together weekly. They are a team and also a family.



On the 20th of November, the much anticipated game took place at the main field of SIPFLS. The boys also just received their uniforms that morning, so it was simply excitement on top of excitement.



The Dulwich International High School Suzhou team, led by two teachers, arrived in the afternoon and both times began their warm-ups. At the whistle of the referee of the match, PE teacher Mr. Peng, the battle began.



Though smaller in size, our SIPFLS boys’ ball possession and their shots on target were much higher than the opposing team. After a hard-fought first half, no goals were conceded for both teams.



After a short break, both teams regained their strength and continued the match. Just eight minutes into the second half, Anthony (Y10) dribbled swiftly past the defenders and shot the first goal of the match. The crowd roared and the team celebrated.



In the twenty-fifth minute, one of our team members misplaced his arm, which led to a penalty kick for their opponents. Goalkeeper Iker (Y10), prepared himself for a possible gamechanger of the match. The Dulwich penalty kicker shot with all his might, but Iker blocked it! However, the ball was not in possession of the defenders, so one of their attacking players took the opportunity and shot their first goal at the surprise of Iker.



Under immense pressure, the boys continued to fight on, but conceded a second goal just minutes before the end of the match. Although they were saddened by the result, they still displayed great sportsmanship and shook their opponents’ hands with their heads high.


Team Captain Tomoyoshi TomY12 reflects upon the match and said “As the captain of the football club, this match not only gave us the opportunity to compete with another school, it also helped us to see how we can improve and progress as a team. We all enjoyed the match and look forward to the next one."