SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
Learning Corners Events

Inter-House Championship 2017


After the mid-term tests, the first round of Inter-House Championship took place last Thursday afternoon and it was a close competition among the 4 Houses. It began with the students showcasing their artistic expressions with creativity through their House flags and cheers. They were passionate when they presented their flags and cheers.


The next competition was the Inter-House basketball matches for boys. In the first round, Kingfisher won Lion while Dolphin beat Eagle in another game. There was stiff competition between Kingfisher and Dolphin in the finals, but Kingfisher overcame Dolphin in the end to win the overall basketball title.


Following the basketball matches were a series of captain’s ball competition. There were 3 categories, namely girls, boys and mixed. The House teachers also joined in the competition to have some fun together. Finally, Eagle won the girls and mixed categories while Kingfisher won the boys category.


Besides competitions, the host also asked fun questions like “How was the basketball invented?” during the break. Bonus points were given to Houses with students who could answer the questions. At the same time, students who were supporting their Houses could also buy food and drinks sold by the Bazaar club. Many students were eating and drinking while watching the games.


The Inter-House Championship ended in cheers and the Houses took group photos together. Lion was the overall champion but what was most important was that students learn to work as a team and encourage one another to do their best. This is a lesson that they can apply now and later on in life. May they use what they learn in sports and put them into practice in their studies and work in the future!