SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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IB Mid-term Parents’ Evening



This academic year’s first parents-teachers meeting was held on November 24th, from 1-6pm. The IBDP Principal Mr. Joel Seow kicked off the meeting by giving parents an information session on both their children’s academic and co-curricular progress. First, he explained the analysis of students’ results, pointing out some of the improvements of students’ achievements. The Principal also emphasized that recent House Team activities, Adventure Club Camping Weekend and other various student-led events are all a part of the holistic education that IBDP focuses on. To end his session, Principal Seow concluded by encouraging parents to provide more support in monitoring students doing their work when they return home over the weekend.



Next, parents were then ushered to move from classrooms to classrooms to meet their children’s subject teachers. All department teachers were grouped by subjects and awaited parents in designated classrooms. During many meetings, teachers helped parents to understand their children’s result by explaining the IB grade boundary system differs from other grading systems. Teachers also provided advice on subject selections . Parents were also able to discuss how to help their children move forward with their subject teachers.



Overall, this Parents’ Day was a pivotal day in the term for parents to receive an update on their child’s progress and for teachers to discuss on ways to provide more support for students with their parents.