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Kazakhstan ExchangeEvent


Over two days from the 5th to 6th December, the Pre-IB Grade 10 students had online exchange sessions with one of their sister schools in Kazakhstan. Both sides had come up with photos of lasting interest in their cultures beforehand and exchanged them through email. During the actual sessions, pairs of students took turns describing the photos presented in front of the screen and had fun speculating about what truly happened in them. The photos ranged from saving Giant Pandas and traditional farming techniques in rural parts of China to community dances and wall art in Kazakhstan. This was followed by students from the other side revealing the true ‘stories’ and that was when everyone got to learn about special cultural traditions and school events in China and Kazakhstan.


12月5-6号IB十年级预科英文B的学生参与了我校友好学校哈萨克斯坦国际智力学校(National Intellectual School)的视频交流会议活动。在视频开始之前,双方的学生都积极地为网络交流会准备各自的讨论项目:选出及分析各自具有特色的照片。所选的照片的要求有趣和有含义的。在双方学生的照片中,有些是关于中国国宝大熊猫的状况,而有些是关于哈萨克斯坦当地的百姓生活。 在视频会议当天,学生们把彼此所选的照片通过摄像头进行分析,并发表了各自对照片的初步认识。做完分析后,双方学生把图片背后的故事分享给大家,使得大家对照片的印象更为深刻,也加深了双方对文化传统特色和校园活动的理解。


This was our third English B exchange with Kazakhstan over the years and it was by far one of the most successful and eye-opening. Not only were the students treated to real artefacts such as toy camels from the Kazakhstan side, but were also shown web pictures and video clips from meaningful celebrations. In return, both classes of Grade 10 English B students displayed colourful evidence of similar occasions and explained their school values alongside them. At the end of the sessions, both sides expressed heartfelt appreciation to one another for yet another insightful and enjoyable exchange!

此次交流是我校IB高中部与哈萨克斯坦友谊学校的第三次交流, 也是最成功、最精彩的一次。 我们不仅更深刻地了解了哈萨克斯坦的文化,也通过视频交流观看了他们各种精彩的校园演出。十年级英文B的两班学生也借此机会分享了我校的各种社团及活动情况。在视频会议结束前,双方表达了对彼此的感谢及对下次交流的期望。