SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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Group 4 Project Presentation



The Group 4 Project is an interdisciplinary cooperation and collaboration among science subjects, each discipline brings a special perspective and expertise to the group. Y11 students of physics, chemistry and sports science worked together on the chosen theme for the project: Energy. The project not only emphasize on the process of a scientific investigation, but also show how the different disciplines all relate to a single scientific issue.

11年级第4学科组的专题作业是科学学科之间的跨学科的研究。选修物理,化学和运动科学学科的学生一起合作,选择一个共同涉及的题目能量进行研究。 这项跨学科的研究不仅着重于科学实践的过程,它还展示了不同的科学学科之间是如何紧密联系到一起的。

Before students took actions on the experiment, they had spent serval hours brainstorm on the possible collaborative approaches and experiment design. This process was challenging, since it required to combine three subjects into one investigation. Students from different subject perform their parts of experiment in their respective labs. 


The outcome of the project was shown by presentations. The audience for the presentation was kindly supplied by both classes of year 11 students and teachersThe presentations themselves were fun, entertaining and interesting. All of them brought together elements from Chemistry, Physics and Sports science. The chosen topics ranged from environmental concerns for the level of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere to the rice intake.