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IB Y11 ELB Interactive Oral Group Presentation on Analyzing Advertisements


After learning the aspect of ‘Advertisements’ relating to the core topic of Communication and Media in IBDP English B, Y11 English B students presented their first interactive group oral activity in analyzing advertisement posters this semester. They all have done a very good job in unveiling the aim, the strategies, the designing and the approaches of advertising considering its cultural and social aspects.

在学习过核心课题交流与媒体中的广告话题之后,IB 十一年级英语B的同学们展示了本学期第一次的小组口语活动。同学们结合了相应的文化社会背景因素,深刻地剖析了广告的目的,手法以及营销策略。


During the presentation, students were competent at analyzing the details, which would usually be neglected in advertisements, such as the effects of colors, the font size and type, the border design or the foreground and background information. For instance, the presenting of blue flashes in NIKE shoes advertisement gives viewers the visual stimulus in creating the atmosphere of the gym; the mild color of green and the depicting of the spring season in Spring water advertisement not only uses the pun of spring but also contributes successfully to demonstrating the good quality and origin of its water.   



Students showed themselves to be not only capable of noticing detailed information, but more importantly, presenting deeper meanings revealed from those advertising posters. For example, they were able to link the image of a snake and the slogan of ‘No Sin’ from the advertisements of Heinz Ketchup to the story of the Garden of Eden in analyzing how this poster is featuring its tomato source. Moreover, when talking about the targeted potential consumers in relation to gender, they were able to see through the advertisements to look at the assumptions and perceptions of those who created them. For instance, the advertisement of Canon is targeted more at the mum’s role as a baby carer while NIKE tends to orient more towards attracting male buyers than females.

除了广告细节的分析,更重要的是同学们还能就广告所反射出的深层含义进行深入剖析。例如,通过亨氏广告西红柿被一条蛇所缠绕的图像,以及不罪恶的广告标语,同学们能够联系到圣经里的伊甸园来分析番茄酱广告的呈现方式。再例如,通过分析潜在的目标购买者,也能反映出广告设计者是如何构思设想他们的。比如,佳能照相机所针对的母亲目标受众,反映出了性别的刻板印象-- 妈妈,是相夫教子的角色。然而,耐克运动鞋的广告则是更多针对男性群体作为运动的主要爱好者而非女性。


From this activity, students not only applied their knowledge acquired from reading related theories, but also learned how to work together in presenting a group activity to develop their IB ATL-communication and collaboration skills.

通过此次活动,同学们不仅将学到的广告文化知识直接运用在的具体的广告分析中,更重要的是,学会了相互合作来锻炼自己IB ATL 中交流与合作的能力。