SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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Exchange Program of SIPFLS & LREI



As part the collaboration between Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School (LREI) and Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language School (SIPFLS -IADP), 16 American students and 3 teachers from New York came to visit our school for a cultural exchange experience. Each of the Grade 8 American students paired up our Grade 9 students before the visit and exchanged emails.

来自美国纽约利特尔雷德&伊丽莎白欧文学校 (以下简称LREI)16名美国学生和3名教师来到我校进行文化交流访问活动。访问活动之前,美国LREI学校初中的八年级学生和我校九年级的学生互相交换了邮箱,通过电子邮件进行了初步的交流。

The Student Council members received the students upon their arrival and facilitated the ice breaker. During the ice breaker, the students learned each other’s names and became more comfortable with each other. They also got to tour the school premises where they visited the iWood, laboratories and the gym.  After a special lunch, the American students attended Chemistry, Economics, English and Mathematics lessons with the local students. The American visitors got a glimpse of what our IADP program is like, and they gave very positive feedback to teachers on the lessons.

我校学生会的同学接待了来自美国 LREI学校的老师和同学,并举行了欢迎活动的活動。在欢迎活动中,中美双方的学生通过一些破冰游戏知道了彼此的名字,并快速熟悉起来。接下来,我校的学生带领美国 LREI 学校的学生参观了学校的木工教室,图书馆,和体育馆。在特别的午餐之后,美国LREI 学校的学生和我校的学生一起参加了化学,经济,英文,和数学的课程。美国 LREI来访问的老师和学生对我校 IADP项目有了更多的了解,并表示出高度的肯定。

At the end of the day, the Student Council led the students in a friendly competition where they played Dodgeball, Basketball, and Captain’s Ball. The students got to showcase their athletic talents, and had a lot of fun.


During the closing ceremony, the students from each school had a cultural performance. The American students sang Chinese songs and played musical instruments. Our local students performed an English song for them. They did a gift exchange with their buddies and ended the day with a group photo. The students will keep in touch with one another through emails and look forward to seeing each other again.