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IB vs BC: A true Derby match

IB vs BC 足球赛


The sun shone bright onto the field of SIPFLS in the afternoon of the 27th of March, as the two high school programmes took the field to decide on who rules the school in football. BC PE teacher Will Skyttes blew the whistle as crowds began arriving and the intense match commenced.

327日下午,园区外国语学校的操场上阳光明媚,此时来自园外高中部BC IB的两支足球队也即将开始一场足球比赛。随着观众的聚集,在BC体育老师的哨声中,激动人心的比赛开始了。


The first half our IB boys saw no luck. Our star goalie Iker (Y10) managed to catch a ball that was scored on him, but unfortunately the ball slipped out of his grip and rolled into the goal. The score was 0:1. Disappointed by not defeated, the boys kept their heads high and continued the game.


Shortly after a mishap, Kriss (Y10) drove the ball down the sidelines, saw AnthonyY10 wide open, passed and Anthony netted the goal. 1:1! The crowd roared. The game continued in second half, with IB conceding another goal near their defense line. Fortunately, the wings of the IB football team, Charles (Y10) and captain Richard (Y11), each netted beautiful goals, sealing the victory of the IB team.

失误后不久,姜建宇(十年级)带球来到侧边,将球传给此时无人防守的安东尼(十年级),射门,球进啦~比分11。场边欢呼。比赛进入下半场,IB在防守线附近又输一球。但,幸运的是,IB 球队的左右双翼,朴灿柱(十年级)和队长薛锐骐,各进一球。IB队获得了最终的胜利。

The SIFLS Derby match ended at 3:2. Our IB boys showed great sportsmanship throughout the match and shook their peers from BC’s hands with grace and smiles.



英文:Ms Theresa Lau

中文:Ms KiKi Sun

照片:IB Photography Club BC teache