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IBDP Staff & Students Try out 2.4km Run

     Bonding Day activity for IBDP students and teachers on 5th Nov was a 2.4km run, as the culmination of the international physical fitness tests they started last week. All the students and their teachers did their best to run, jog and walk round the inner track ten laps, before they were individually timed and recorded at the finishing line. "I'm dying!" exclaimed one of the students as he reached the end of his run and "collapsed onto the field". When suggested that they do the run every week, another student reacted with a pained look of fright. Observing the heavy panting and sweating on the field at the end of the fifteen to twenty minutes, it was obvious that this was a tough run. The students and teachers then enjoyed a fun game of 'tangled hands' to call it a day. Despite the exhaustion, it was a great activity for 'letting off steam' and exercising everyone's bodies, especially in the colder weather. Of course, a sense of togetherness is also much to be appreciated in Bonding Day events. 

   11月5日,IBDP的师生们在“欢乐互动日”活动中进行了2.5公里长跑,这项活动将上周开始的国际体能测试推向高潮。所有同学和老师都尽了最大努力,他们有的慢跑有的步行,有时候还会跌跌撞撞,但是他们都努力跑完了十圈,并在终点留下了自己的个人记录。一位同学在到达终点时“倒在了运动场上”,他说:“累得不行了!”别人都建议说每个星期都跑步就不会这样了,在场的其他同学都故意露出可怕的表情。这确实是一项高强度的运动,在最后时刻,大家都跑得大汗淋漓、气喘吁吁。随后,师生们在玩“tangled hands”的欢呼声中结束了这次活动。虽然筋疲力尽,但是这对每个人来说都是很棒的体验,特别在冬天,这样的活动令人释放精力、锻炼身体,当然,团结的感觉也令人倍感温馨!