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Applauding the successful SIPFLS High School IB First Annual IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition

As we walked into Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language Schools’ Campus, there is one building for certain that will inevitably attracts our gaze; the magnificentAuditorium Hall that was imbue with traditional Suzhou architectural heritage and aesthetics. This beautiful auditorium hall has experienced a rather busy week in preparation of our first Art Exhibition from our first cohort of IBDP Visual Arts Students.


Before our exhibition on the 2nd of April, the busy hallways were packed with our IBDP year 12 Visual Arts students, diligently hoisting up their artworks that they have prepared for the last three years. Their artworks were as vibrant as their imagination;the mere short week of demonstration does not do justice for the time they have spent preparing the work. They made good use of mediums including Chinese Painting, Digital Painting, Print making, Installation art, tailored fashion statements and many more to express the stories and passion that inspires their creations. Each telling a unique story they so eager to tell.


The day of the exhibition open ceremony came fast. The hall was packed with students, parents and leaders of the school, anticipating what our year 12 students have installed for them. Followed by a proper introduction from our IB Principal – Joel Seow; our Year 12 IB Visual art students step confidently onto the stage, leading the pace of the event. A simple yet professional speech has expressed the reason for their creation as well as the process they went through, the confidence exudes from each of them is fully backed up by the years of preparations.In this eventful exhibition, IB Visual Arts students gave detailed and interesting explanations to our guests. It was precisely these exchanges of perceptive thoughts and discussions that demonstrated the essence of the subject.

开幕式当天,校领导、家长以及学生纷纷如期而至。在IB校长Joel Seow的一番简短介绍后,12年级的8名视觉艺术学生共同和大家分享了三年的学习体会和对视觉艺术这门课程的理解。参观展览的过程热闹非凡,参展者详细地解答了嘉宾提出的问题,嘉宾也提出了不同的见解和疑问。正是因为这份思想上的碰撞,艺术这门学科才能如此精彩纷呈。