SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
Learning Corners Events

Talent Show

The talent show was an amazing event organized solely by the student council. Gabriela Park was the director for the talent show.  The students spent a lot of time rehearsing their performances to ensure that the show was a success.


The talent show began with the emcees Raphaela and Shining, who hosted the show wonderfully. Throughout the show they took the audience through the four seasons. They helped showcase the beauty of our planet, and reminded us all to preserve and protect Earth. The performances ranged from singing and dancing to acting and comedy. There was even a guest teacher, Miss Fay Donovan, performing with the students in a band.

才艺秀的主持人是朴敏擎和汤耀曾同学,他们完美地主持了整台节目。观众在他们的带领下走过春华秋实,切身感受到我们星球的动人心魄。节目形式多种多样,既有歌唱、跳舞,也有小品、戏剧,还有我们特邀嘉宾Fay Donovan老师与学生合作带来的一场乐队演出。

The audience voted for their favorite performance by scanning a QR code on the program card—paperless voting went very well with the theme. The first place winner was the skit called “Super Power” by Robert, Jerry, Anthony, Cyril, Jack, Andy, Norman, Tony, and Oscar. The organizers of the talent show worked with the photography club to put up a video montage recognizing all the hard work that went on behind the scenes. Excellent work to all who were involved!



图片由IB摄影部门(IB Photography Club) 提供