SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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Pre-IB Year 10s held their Student-led Conference


On the morning of Friday, 4th May 2018, Pre-IB Year 10 students started cleaning their classrooms and rearranging the furniture to prepare for their first ever Student-led Conference. After a speech by the Principal, students’ parents sat down with the students and were taken through all the work and activities their children had done so far. Students whose parents could not come were accompanied by their teachers instead, so everyone got to display the fruits of their labour to at least one adult.


2018年五月四日周五早晨,IB十年级预备班的同学开始打扫教室重新排列桌椅, 准备他们的第一次学生主导会议。校长发言后,学生家长坐在学生旁边浏览孩子们所做的所有作品与参与的各项活动。家人未能到场的学生由老师代替陪同,每位同学都可以将劳动的果实展现给至少一位成人。


The materials on display included Extended Project (Mini EE) posters, excellent tests or assignments done in certain subjects as well as CAS experiences. Students shared the process of the work, what they had learnt through them, their self-reflections as learners and so on. It was a chance for parents to discover what students really do on the Pre-IB course, monitor their progress in the ATLs (Social, Communication, Self-management, Thinking and Research skills) and evaluate the growth in their children throughout this past year.




When the Student-led Conference came to a close, parents visited subject teachers to talk about their children’s report card results this term. Generally, parents seemed appreciative of the opportunity to find out more about their children’s learning through this special event.