SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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International vs Korean



On April 11th, SIPFLS IB Team travelled east of Suzhou for a friendly match against a current team member Kriss Kang (Y10)’s previous school, the Suzhou Korean School. The boys arrived at the school, nervous but excited to play 11-aside football for the first time.


After a talk by Coach Sos and a photo-taking time, the match commenced. The first goal was scored by the Koreans. The IB Boys were not defeated, and held their defence line strong. The boys persisted while the Koreans attempted to shoot.


At the 20th minute of the match, our goalkeeper Iker Xia (Y10) suffered an injury, which led to the team feeling quite discouraged. Our reserve goalkeeper, Steven Chen (Y10) took his place with confidence and played his best.


The goal scorers from the IB team are Tomo, Kriss and Anthony. The final score was 4:3. According to some of the players, it was “better than expected” and a ‘great game for the first time playing 11-aside”. It was a memorable game for the whole team.